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Hey guys, looks like I forgot dA existed again, haha.
Most of the work I've been doing recently has been design-oriented, which dA isn't particularly receptive towards.

My big project recently (besides finals and all that jazz) is I coded a portfolio website for myself!!
I'm super pumped because its always something I've wanted to do, but never had enough coding knowledge/motivation.
Check it out!

>> <<

I've also got a Facebook page if you guys are interested. I'll probably start uploading some work there (this would be way easier if I could figure out how to connect tumblr to it), as well as posting little quips about what I'm up to, art-wise.

>>… <<

Right now I'm trying to order some sweet business cards (the printing website I'm using is giving me trouble, lol), then I think I'll open an Etsy shop? Whoooo knoooows, haha

I also need to start applying for internships/ get started on maybe studying abroad. I was thinking the Netherlands or maybe Finland, since they do really strong design work... I dunno we'll see!

That's pretty much it! Life has been good :)
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Uh... I am sorry for the unintentional hiatus! I just... forgot, lol. I post pretty regularly on my tumblr (, so I really encourage you to follow me there if you'd like to keep up with my art shenanigans!

So um, since last journal.... OH I did get a summer job, since I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering that, hahahaha.
I worked at the UMBC bookstore all summer, about 30 hours a week. Now that I'm back at school I only work 12.

I say "only" 12 but with classes and a job I have like, no free time ;o; I was the only one who could/wanted to do mornings, so even though I planned my schedule to have mostly afternoon classes, I get up before 8 every day anyways ;_;
Still, I enjoy my job and money is always wonderful =P (I just like to complain!)

So other than my bookstore job + classes, I was also hired as UMBC SGA's graphic designer! Unfortunately I don't get paid a lot, but it's awesome seeing my stuff hanging around campus! (a logo I made is getting printed on tshirts and sunglasses, how fun!!)
Only problem is people don't quite seem to understand that art takes time, so they'll give me like, less than a week to develop a logo, a weekend to make flyers, etc. etc. (this will be something we'll have to change, since as the semester progresses there is no way I can make stuff on such short notice as well as keep up with schoolwork).

This summer is also the first time in like 7 years or something that I didn't go to Otakon. But instead I made plans to go to New York Comic Con, which is roughly 4 times the size of Otakon??? Dear god it is going to be overwhelming but amazing. That's next weekend, haha.

I went to the Maryland RenFest last weekend too, that was a lot of fun (if chilly and muddy!). I really want to assemble my own Steam Punk outfit now, haha.
For Halloween I'm being a viking :)
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Well, after 6 years I decided to change my avatar (holy crap, has it really been that long??). Not sure if I'm totally happy with the current one (it's just a cropped version of my latest deviation) but it will do for now =P
I do love the Ookami icon that KayFedewa made me, but considering I no longer go by Ookami and my fursona is for the most part retired, I figured it was time for an update, haha.

Also, Mobster Anubis is officially sold out! =D Thank you everyone who bought one!

In other news, school ends in about 2 weeks, and I'll be moving back home for the summer :)
Now I just need to find a job... xD
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So I finally got around to figuring out Paypal (ends up there was not much to figure out, lol!) so I was thinking about opening commissions during the summer!

Sooo I figured I'd ask my watchers:
What would you like to buy from me, and how much would you be willing to pay for it?


My avatar was made by KayFedewa

Mobster Anubis is for sale here:… !
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So I've been wanting to make a sketchblog for awhile now but didn't know which site to use.
I asked Facebook and they all answered Tumblr, so that's what I decided on :)

I'm a huge Tumblr newb, so please excuse any dumb mistakes xD;;
But yeah, this will mostly be filled with sketches and doodles--anything from sketchbook pages, WIPs, schoolwork, to just random doodles that never made it onto dA. =D
Actually, most of the stuff on here won't ever be on dA, so yeah!

Also, if you know any good blogs to follow, please share *o*

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Mobster Anubis is available for preorder here:… !
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Woah geez it has been forever since I've written a journal!
At least I have something to say now, eh?? =D

Sorry for my general inactivity, I have no real excuse besides I have been lazy lately and haven't felt like drawing. Hopefully this will change!

SO, since last journal, points of interest include:

1) got all 4 wisdom teeth removed, that was not fun. The day after that I saw Inception... while on vicodin. That was fun. Good movie.

2) Otakon! This was a lot of fun even though my mouth wasn't totally healed. Thursday jieyi and I finally got to have the dinner together that we've been planning for years!
I also found the Okami artbook for $40, which I was SO PSYCHED for, you have no idea. I could only find it for like $150 online. Oh and I got a Squishable shark. I named him Fat Shark c:
Saturday some ass pulled the fire alarm while we were in line for the Gurren Lagann movie >:T 25,000 people evacuating, it was chaos.
And we never saw the movie :C
Sunday after the con I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with another group of friends. The new Australia exhibit is really rad, I was pumped to see the fruit bats. I wasn't quite as impressed with the jellyfish exhibit but I guess that was still pretty cool. In the gift shop a found a chubby little hammerhead plush, whom I bought and named Lil Ham. Apparently I'm starting an obese shark family.

Sometime after that I was forced to go to Indiana to visit my grandma. We went to the Indiana State Fair which is just as redneck as it sounds. They were selling deep fried bacon.

Moved back to school a week or two ago, Sarah (BloodBass) and I are on the special arts floor this year, and it is sooooo nice <333 We have our own common room where we set up 2 TVs, a Wii and a PS2, haha. It's also dinosaur themed >:D Apparently we got the handicap suite as well, so our bathroom is even more gigantic than usual (bathrooms here are all huge compared to Patapsco, but ours is seriously double the usual size). Maybe I'll post some pictures in my scraps :v
I'm only taking 12 credits this semester, but 3 are studios and the amount of projects I'm expected to do is crazy. I'm seriously having trouble finding the time to do art for me (even when I have no classes Friday). Hopefully it will calm down and I'll have more free time as the year progresses.

This past Sunday Sarah, Julian and I took the metro to Small Press Expo. It's apparently the "premiere independent cartooning and comics art festival" in America, but the whole event only pulls 3-4,000 people. Compared to Otakon, it's tiny, but it was a ton of fun anyways <3 We didn't attend any of the scheduled programming, but the main event is the exhibitors anyway. SPX is basically Artist's Alley at an anime con, except every artist is selling their original comics (and related goods like buttons and tshirts), not fanart. I actually liked this more than AA at Otakon, since lately I've been more interested in stuff by independent artists than anime merchandise.
Highlights include meeting Ananth and Yuko of Johnny Wander ( I bought vol. 1 of JW (which debuted at SPX!), and Yuko graciously drew a top hat on the maw on the first page :D Oh and I bought a PaleontoLOLogy shirt (it glows in the dark!)
I was also pumped to meet Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant (, but unfortunately she had sold out of comics by that point :C However I did get her to sign this adorable little sketchbook I carry around with me :3
My only impulse buy was a comic called Red Moon, which I have yet to read. I bought it because it's about dogs, but the style isn't Disney-ish and the characters are refreshingly mutt-like (as opposed to a cast of wolves with different hairdos...). So yeah, I'm excited to read that :D

Other than that... oh! Going to RenFest next weekend to celebrate Julian's 21st birthday. I haven't been in years, haha.

Thinking of opening commissions (as soon as I verify my bank account on Paypal), would anyone be interested? What would you like me to offer (and possibly a  price you'd be willing to pay)?

I'm also a bit behind with answering dA messages, so bear with me if I'm a little slow replying. I'll get to you eventually, no worries!

And as always, Mobster Anubis is still open for preorders! I'm thinking of offering a free sketch of your choice with each preorder, would that encourage anyone to buy? :V

Well this is a monstrosity of a journal, anything new and interesting in your lives? xD

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Mobster Anubis is available for preorder here:… !
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I know I've been sort of inactive as of late, but I swear I've been around! xD And while lurking dA, I've noticed the new point craze.
And it's been getting under my skin for awhile now.
Let me explain why:

What are Points?
Points are essentially, reeeaaaally tiny deviantART gift cards. You can buy 80 of them for one US dollar (…), meaning each point is worth about 1.25 cents. You can give anywhere from 1 point to 1 million to any other dA member, for any reason. Sounds pretty sweet right?

Not so much.

As with all gift cards, once you have converted your money to points, there is NO WAY to redeem them for real cash. And the only thing you can spend them on is stuff from the dA store.

Why is this a problem?
I'm sure all of you, at one point or another, have gotten a gift card to somewhere you never go. To you, that gift card is worthless. If you never go to that store and don't want anything in that store, you'll never get to use that money. The best you can do is regift the card to someone else. Which is pretty lame.

And believe it or not, not everyone is dying to buy something from the dA store. No, not even subscriptions. For these people, points are those gift cards that will never get spent.

Well so what? Some people want points, what's the big deal?
Here's the big deal: Points are REAL MONEY. The only way to generate points is SOMEONE had to BUY them.
These aren't Neopoints or Gaia gold that you can generate by playing games or being active. DeviantART points are only created by spending REAL MONEY.

So when you beg for points to buy that t-shirt or subscription you really want, you are begging for REAL MONEY. Which I personally find pretty shameful but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Here's my real problem.
Some of you really need to consider those of us who want NO PART of points.

I know some artists have been asked if they can be paid in POINTS instead of REAL MONEY. That's like asking if you can pay for your movie ticket with a gift card to Chili's.
Chances are, that artist needs that money for something OTHER than dA merchandise. Remember, cash is good EVERYWHERE, points are only good on this site.

And to those of you who want to make point adoptables: if you are using someone else's line art, you NEED TO ASK THE ARTIST.
Many artists (myself included) are NOT okay with you using their line art for point adoptables, because you are basically selling their art for REAL MONEY. Which is not cool.
Unless the artist EXPRESSLY MENTIONS points in the artist's comment, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask! A lot of line art is much older than points are, so many artists haven't gone back and edited their descriptions (which I really need to do, haha).

Something else to think about for those artists selling commissions for points: remember to convert points to dollars (80 points= $1 US ). For example, if you're selling a completed picture for 30 points, that's 37.5 cents. Would you be happy receiving a quarter, a dime and a few pennies as payment? Because that's basically what you're doing.
Personally, I think you're selling yourself WAY short, but if you're okay with that, knock yourself out...

In case it isn't obvious, I am one of those people who want no part of points! I think it was an incredibly sleazy move on deviantART's part, and watching everyone go crazy for them is aggravating (plus, I don't want anything from the dA store).
I've also been asked numerous times (and also caught a few people who DIDN'T ask) if people can use my art for point adoptables. The answer will always be NO, but I'm getting tired of telling people individually. So HOPEFULLY at least those who are on my watch list will see it! =D


In other news, summer! Things have have been pretty boring around here, since I've got no job 8D;
Otakon is at the end of the month (hooray!), and a week before that I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed (boooo).

Aaand of course, Mobster Anubis is still open for preorders…!

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Well, I only filled up 16 out of 18 of the features, but that journal's been there for over two months, so I figured it was time for a change!!

School's almost over for me, next week is finals but I actually don't have any, they were all final projects (hooray for being an art student!). But instead of going home early I get to stick around until the 21st to present one project /grumblegrumblegrumble. And then I will officially be finished my first year of college =D

Ummmm and in other news, in case you somehow missed my deviation, Mobster Anubis is being made into a toy =D=D Thank you everybody for voting :heart::heart:
I'll update when it's up in the store x3

That's pretty much it I guess, not a whole lot to say! Hope everyone is as ready for summer as I am, lol!

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Well I'm going to try my best to do this, even though I can't exactly do thumbnails!

Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!
For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 17 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. (I really don't care if you do/don't I'm not gonna CHECK UP ON JOO or anything, haha)

1. :iconwispu:… Polichinelles d'Obscurite): I dunno, I just really love this picture! I wasn't sure why I liked the crosshatching so much, but I think it might be because it reminds me of old woodcuts? Regardless, it looks awesome :3… 7): I feel like Wisp has restarted this comic numerous times, but each time she just gets SO MUCH BETTER that I don't mind x3. This is one of my favorite pages, look at that lighting! And the text all looks really well done too 8D /sucker for well done typography… ID): Okay I know this isn't exactly your most SRS piece, Wisp, but the expression just cracks me up, haha. It's just so expressive and I can relate because I OFTEN FEEL THIS WAY TOO, HYUUUUUUUUUUUURGH

2. :iconkumlay:… American Adventure): Lovely, natural puma designs, and even better, it's got a beautiful background! =D Love all the textures too~… Doe): Beautiful design, and such a graceful composition. Wish the BG wasn't black, but that's a small complaint x3… in the Grass): such a cute pose, and the anatomy looks spot-on!

3. :icondannyp514:… - Zytax Form): Cool creature design, and nice textures =3… Pipe cleaner Dragon): pipe cleaner dragons are rad, and this guy is no exception!… ID): Nice job on the head angle and defining the muscles/bone structure =3

4. :iconnaykomii:… and Lingo): what a cute picture <333 Their faces are so sweet, and I really like the line variation in the line width!… :3): okay, Pikachu jack-o-lantern. 'Nuff said.… - Trade): I love this pose! Looks like s/he's skipping to the music =D

5. :iconneko-chiba: I'm glad you asked, you comment on my art all the time, I'm glad I can do this to repay the favor (at least a little bit)~ x3… Remastered): Despite me being retarded and repeatedly reading the title as "Sorrow Resurrected", I love the colors in this, and I'm impressed you tried lineless! It really looks like a sunset, which is hard to pull off =D… Boogle .:colour:.):Such a cute pose and expression, and the colors look great! This time you pulled off a night scene! Geez, I wish I was as adventurous as you with lighting x3;… New): I dunno, I just like this picture x3;; He must use a ton of gel to get his hair like that though, lol!

6. :iconnezukunoichi: you're a great friend, and I'm not sure I show my appreciation enough, so glad I can at least do this (I mean I should really probably draw for you so HOPEFULLY I'll get around to that at some point >8( )… Gaia Guild Front Page): Okay, these pokemon always confused the crap out of me anatomically, so I'm impressed you've managed to not only put them all together in an interesting composition, but give them unique poses as well!…"I got your back, Brother"): Kudos for character interaction AND unique poses. Plus your characters are all have so much thought put into them, it's great :B… '08 - Outai): this is just such a perfect costume for her, lol! Love love LOVE her hands as well!

7. :iconsalriella:…: In 19th Century Art we just finished talking about the Rococo period, and this looks exactly like a Rococo-era painting, except it's a photograph! Really lovely.… night's like a dream): For a concert snapshot, this is freaking epic. I don't know who the artist is, but the lighting is awesome and the composition is dynamic =D…: This looks like a quaint little cottage x3 I dunno where this was taken, but I'd love to live there! So pretty!

8. :iconrexy-jade: YES I am glad you commented as well >8)… Critters 1): I need one of these guys in my life, too cute! ;o; Also, you watercoloring skills? I am so envious >8(…: I was going to say something about how I love the way you create forms using the fewest strokes possible, but APPARENTLY I already commented on this piece saying something very similar when you first posted it. Uh... I GUESS I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE, REXY.… Sketches 1): HI, DINOSAURS ARE AWESOME. But besides that, I really like your watercolor studies that you've been doing lately! I had trouble picking just one, but in the end decided on this one because I like to imagine Mr. Stego is screaming GET OFF MAH LAWN (and because holy poop he was done in prisma markers?? it looks excellent!)

9. :iconbloodbass: best roomie ever!… Koi Fish): I told you before, but I really live this picture for some reason! Aaron better like it as much as I do >8(… Dragon): I commented on this too already, but damn, when we're actually taught how to use illustrator, you'll rock it! These kinda designs were made for the program~…: And you told me you couldn't crosshatch! The detail in this is awesome, and this creature is rad >8|

10. :iconkijarat: Ma'am this is kind of difficult since you haven't posted anything in FOREVER >8((((… Costume): This blows my mind, seriously *_* It looks like a movie prop, even if it didn't make it through the night in one piece u__u…: Do more life drawings! This looks great, I love all the detail you worked into her hair and clothing~… To Hell): .....okay I just couldn't resist, this is still one of my favourite pieces of gift art, you just captured his personality SO WELL (and drew him well too, of course!).

11. :iconvalinta:…, Cody, and Sloan): Good job fitting all those figures into one composition, I always have trouble with that!… Four): I am a sucker for that crazy background xD…: I dunno, this is just really calming...

12. :iconkittenspore:… You Were Here): they're so cute <3 I like the simple shading, and the BG is oddly fitting. I wouldn't have thought it would work, but it actually looks very nice =D… Hue): love the colors and minimal highlights~… Stuffie): I'd love to have a plushie like this little guy <3 love how you drew all the seams too =3

13. :iconombraangelica:… of the wolf): I really like the composition here. The eye is in the middle of the page, but the places you chose to detail fur really adds interest!… Alice in Wonderland): really rad idea, I bet this would look awesome with some color =D… Kaname): I like the thick lines and all the different shades of gray! It's an interesting look, I hope to see you do some more stuff like it x3

14. :iconfragmients:… part 2): Even though this is unfinished, it is looking so good =D Can't wait to see it all done! x3… Fursona): aawww, what a sweet face! =D You did a good job making it look like a pit bull too, I know I have trouble with that x3…: I really like the pose! She is strutting her stuff xD

15. :iconredshadoww:…: I love the unusual grass color, and the fact that you painted a sunset! No one ever does those (including me!), and they are soooo pretty =D… redone): This one's just cute x3 What a tiiiiny lil kitty <3…: Here's another cute kitty x3 But other than that, I really like all the variation in color you got into the BG! Reminds me of Impressionist paintings =D

16. :iconsindaj:… Lineart NOT FREEE): beautiful details in this, plus a lionfish dragon sounds really cool~ Will he be able to fly with his "wings?"… Song): gorgeous fur detail, lovely colors, and creative story to go with it =D… WIP): Even though it's unfinished, the character is already compelling. The shading looks very solid, and I love all her little accessories!

17. :bywhatevers:… of my cats-FAIL TT-TT): Love the color scheme and the color lines you used =3… deer i saw :D): Beautiful photo! The red of the trees look really nice against the muted greens of the hillside :3… Pumpkin): this is a really funny idea, wish I had thought of it!


IN OTHER NEWS, my birthday is in a week! (Feb. 28th) huzzah! It's kinda snuck up on me, but I'll be turning 19 =D
.....oh and vote for Mobster Anubis ;D (link below)
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these are my rarely-drawn but much loved characters... and such.

Vote for Mobster Anubis on Patch Together!:…

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So, since my last journal entry I've returned to school after my month long break (which was awesome). 19th Century Art AND Art History II together (they're even on the same day lol) was probably a mistake but we'll see!

Most importantly though, is the fucking huge blizzard that hit!! We got something like 26-28 inches, but it's even higher in places due to drifts etc. This is in little ol' Maryland, where we rarely get more than 20 inches of snow the whole SEASON.
In the front of my dorm it's up to my mid-thigh if you leave the sidewalk (which UMBC was kind enough to shovel). But anywhere they shoveled still has an inch of packed snow and ice on it, so it's almost safer to trudge through the snow lol.
On Saturday night (when it finally stopped snowing), Sarah (BloodBass) and I went exploring =D Academic Row was totally snowed in except for one path where someone had walked through. It was fun =D
Someone also built a badass igloo and a giant snowball in front of the dorms, awesome!
I dunno if this will work, but here's a picture of me posing as bigfoot in the snow so you can see just how deep it is:…
(I'm 5'9" so it's not like I'm short either)

AND they even closed school today, which UMBC has not done in TEN YEARS. We have our fingers crossed for tomorrow too, but I doubt that will happen... (though we're supposed to get even more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday, it's gonna be crazy).
I also heard something about getting 2 to 3 more storms like this in the next couple weeks, but I dunno if I believe that either, haha.

Though the snow is also slowing down the mail, which is irritating because I ordered a bunch of goodies from missmonster, including a tee shirt from and some stuff from her store (including 3 Uncle Dappers, one for me and 2 for my dorm mates).

Aaand that's pretty much everything! If you haven't done so, please vote for Mobster Anubis (he recently broke 120 votes!!).
Gotta go, my parents are picking me up for lunch =D

EDIT!!!!!!: my friend showed me this video that pretty much sums up the whole situation via the MOST EXCITABLE WEATHERMAN EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR… (Except I think we got more snow than he said.)

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This loads faster than the folder in my gallery, plus it only has the most recent (therefore accurate) refs, as opposed to all the ones I've ever done.

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Sorry I've been so inactive guys! School started to pick up a week or two ago (finals ugh), and before that I've been spending most of my free time on Patch Together. It's a great community and they give A+ critiques :3
PT even started a group on dA!
I'm a co-founder! o/
You guys should all join the group, even if you aren't a member of PT! It's for anyone who likes designer toys =D

If you are a member of PT, if you get the chance, cast a vote for Zeta-Neubourn's designs!……
They have gone a bit unnoticed, and could use the extra votes! Corky in particular would make an adorably.. quirky plush xD (get it? quirky.. Corky?? yeah okay nvm)

....and of course if you haven't voted for Mobster Anubis, you should do that too ;D (he's got 90+ votes, just a few more to be in the running for production! =D)

Other than PT, only thing in my life has been school, which is not anything exciting. Excited to see what I got on my Visual Concepts 1 final, the teacher seemed to like it, so I'm hoping I can get a 10! (I haven't gotten one yet-- 9.8s and 9.7s, but no 10s...)
Tomorrow I have to present my final for the Linehan course--our final was simply to do something in the arts that you've never tried before. I decided to do a Flash animation, since I always wanted to try it, and now that I've got the program, I figured I should learn! Been working on this for the past two weeks, but it's still pretty poorly animated xD
Here it is:…
(not uploaded to dA because I don't know whether or not the music is copyrighted-- BloodBass found it for me x3 )
My friend Jimmy (who refuses to get a dA) gets a big thank you for teaching me the basics of Flash when the tutorials were too complicated!
After I present that though, I only have my Stat test on Friday! =D Then home for winter break n___n

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone~
(since I problem won't make another journal before then)
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I submitted a design to Patch Together! If you haven't heard of it, it's a cute site where people submit designs for toys, plush, etc. If it gets enough votes and the PT team likes the design, it moves on to pre-order and it will get produced once they get enough pre-orders to start production!………

I wasn't going to submit anything because I don't think my designs are creative enough to make interesting toys, but then I remembered my Egyptian mobsters. I'd love to own toy versions of them xD; So I'm giving it a shot!

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This loads faster than the folder in my gallery, plus it only has the most recent (therefore accurate) refs, as opposed to all the ones I've ever done.

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just an update since it's been awhile.
I love college, haha. My classes are all boring as hell (and since when did 10 am seem so freaking early??), but the people are awesome.
We have got to have the most BA floor on campus. Every night is movie night, we have Chinese nights, sleepovers, and other crazy shenanigans.

Introducing Joe to good anime, he's only seen the popular stuff (Bleach, Naruto, etc.). I've finally got someone to geek out about Darker than Black, Baccano, Dogs, etc. etc. :'3

um... what else...
OH! The title!! The Linehans (my scholarship program) are going to NYC tomorrow to visit the Museum of Modern Art, then we're going to a performance by Ornette Coleman (a jazz musician). We aren't staying the night (we'll get back to UMBC at 2am), but it should be fun :3 (not really my choice of activities, honestly, but it's free!)

I also ordered a coyote skull, but I put my home address, so now I need my parents to drive it up here, haha...
It's goin' on the bookshelf over my bed >:3
Sarah our room will be complete then!!!!

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Moved in yesterday, currently just chilling in my dorm. Did not get into the nice dorms, which was a tad upsetting, but these dorms aren't as awful as I thought they'd be.
My roommate, Sarah (BloodBass) is awesome, we're both pretty laid back, haha.
We share a bathroom with the room next door, and our bathroom looks like a cross between a jail cell and an outhouse.... (but all the facilities work, so that's good!) The light flickers for 5-10 seconds before turning on, enhancing the horror movie effect created by the peeling paint and old toilet xD
The actual room is much nicer, and apparently the fates conspired for everything in my dorm to be purple. I'm mainly a blue person, but I got a purple black and grey bedspread because it was the prettiest we could find (and trust me, we searched everywhere). Got home, and realized it matched nicely with the 4 posters I bought at Otakon (I didn't notice, but they all have a hint of purple or red). Got to the room, and the chair and carpets are pretty much the same shade of purple xD It looks like I planned everything to match...
Sarah's side is all blacks, grays and neutrals.

Today Chris and Joni (n00bgalore) came up for like 2 hours for some mandatory freshman presentation, and tomorrow Laura will be moving in, so we're gonna hang out~
Tomorrow morning there's some sort of art thing going on, which we're going to wake up at 10 for (noooo why so eeaaarly). Classes start Tuesday, hopefully they'll be fun...

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back from Colorado, it was a lot of fun =D
Can't bring myself to write an in depth report though, sorry.

only a week or two until I move into my dorm! Should be fun! (plus I finally got my roommate info, woohoo!)
A lot of my friends are also moving away to their colleges (Georgia, Boston, etc :C ), I'm gonna miss them ;3;
I guess we can still keep in touch via facebook (I finally caved and got one)... but it won't be the same ;n;

that's pretty much it.
oh, and I've been bored lately, so if anyone would like to talk on aim, note me and I'll give you my sn n__n
Don't know how often I'll be online, but we can give it a shot.

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Aaaaugh my new tablet arrived yesterday in the mail and it is beautiful ;u; I got the medium intuos4 and it has like 3x the active area of my old Graphire3, it's wonderful =D
Plus it came with you choice of 2: Photoshop Elements, SketchbookExpress or Painter Sketchpad. Since I already have Photoshop CS4, I chose the other two, and I really like them both! Painter is a little bit confusing but has some really cool effects, and Sketchbook is nice in it's simplicity =D It's kind of like oekaki in that respect. 'Cept I don't need an internet connection to use it =D

and tonight I got around to installing Adobe (I've had it for like a week but I didn't feel like installing it until my tablet arrived). Haven't gotten much of a chance to play with that though.
Oh and ChibiPaint (an oekaki program) doesn't implode on a Mac! On Vista and XP, I could never get it to work, but it did great on my mac =D

Also got a laptop bag, and it has enough room to fit my tablet and a normal sketchpad (and maybe a couple magazines or a book or two), so I can take it with my to Colorado! I really want to try some digital landscape painting, since I bet we'll have down time at my uncle's house and his backyard has a beautiful view of the mountains =3 Maybe I'll get a chance to do some other art as well, we'll see.
I'm excited for the plane trip there too, my dad used his frequent flyer miles to bump us all up to first class, which I've never flown before. it's supposed to be really nice.

As far as what we're doing there, I think we're going to Durango (sp?), Vale, and... a few other places, and one day we're going whitewater rafting. It should be a lot of fun, I can't wait until Wednesday (when we leave).
We'll return the 15th, and then it's only a week or two until I move out to college!

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A few days late, but shush.

Kicked things off by driving to Mary's on Thursday at 3, to meet up and load stuff into one of the 3 cars. I left the Jeep in Mary's court with the keys locked inside so my parents could pick it up later (I was NOT driving to downtown Baltimore on my own, it's a mess). We didn't actually leave until 4 or so, and were checked into the hotel by like 5-6. Then we stood in line to get our passes for nearly two hours :I What I don't understand is why people were cosplaying while STANDING IN LINE (fyi on Thurs. the only thing you can do is pick up your badge, there are no events). Haha Tom and Bethany's mom also tricked the staff into giving him a ticket, even though he didn't preregister xD (I don't know how they did it, but it was impressive).
After that we went to the HardRock Cafe, and Jieyi was planning to go a the same time so we could sort of eat together (I don't think we would have gotten one table, it would have been over 20 of us in total...). Too bad the entire place was rented out by some leadership conference for 12 year olds...
Our group arrived early enough to reserve tables (since the kids would be gone in like 20 minutes), but Jieyi arrived about 15 minutes later and all the tables were booked ;___; We will have dinner together one of these days!! (we plan to like every year and it never pans out, lol)

Friday we were out of the room by 11. Dealers room was a bit of a letdown, there was less free stuff than last year :C Usually big companies like Geneon, Bandai and Funimation all give out loads of free stuff, but this year only Funi was present :C My favorite was the Baccano postcards (I love Baccano ;u; ). I didn't realize until Sunday that there were 3 versions that all connected to form one big scene of all the characters, and I had missed the middle one ;___; Nooooo that one had Nice and Jacuzzi, my two favorite character on it ;^;
Saturday we woke up early to see the Lolita fashion show. It was okay, but I'm not a huge fan of lolita (it's a fashion that can only be pulled off at an anime con, which is pretty worthless imo). Dropped by to see Jieyi in artists alley sporadically all weekend. We also watched a spoiler panel called.... Disorganization XIII, I think? It basically made fun of a lot of anime and videogames while spoiling major plot points (ie KAMINA DIES). Chris wanted to attend, and all in all it wasn't that bad. Oh yeah and we went to the masquerade, which was a great improvement over last year. Last year was so awful we left halfway through. This year still wasn't as funny as 2007, but still enjoyable. Highlights include the entire cast of Baccano doing the swing. Really, really well. Some acts still sucked, but such is life xD This was the first year I actually attended a concert too. We saw Kanon Wakashima, who I had never heard of, but she's a really epic cellist and singer. Did the themes for Vampire Knight I think. Guys, she was so cute ;u; She was trying so hard to speak to us in English, it was just really really adorable x3; Opening act was an american band called Geist. I saw them and thought they'd be some generic screamo group, but it surprised me that they were actually singing in Japanese, and that it was actually pretty good.
What was even more mindboggling was the lead singer. It took Joni and I 10 minutes into the show to realize HE was actually a SHE (her boobs were almost nonexistent and her singing voice was really, really low. Granted, I did think her ass looked oddly feminine, but it wasn't until they zoomed in really close that I realized what gender she really was xD). Nick was shocked when we told him, Chris said he knew from the beginning. But Chris is full of shit. Also they were from Baltimore yaaaaaay!

Sunday was the shopping day. I bought a new cell phone strap since my old Wolf's Rain one broke (now it's a really cute Kamina charm), and I got assorted prints from Artist's Alley. Only one out of the 4 was fanart, and that was a really nice picture of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. Speaking of Kuroshitsuji, it has got the prettiest fashion ever ;u; The anime's plot was only okay (the ending was lackluster), but man, it was so pretty. Apparently I was not the only one to think this, since there were a TON on Kuro cosplayers. I didn't think the series was very well known, but I guess all the fans came crawling out of the woodwork for Otakon xD Nick and Chris want to watch it now after seeing all the pretty cosplayers and merchandise (I was going to buy a Sebastian figurine but they sold out... /sob). Nick could not pronounce the name (and even if he could, it's still a mouthful), so he just named it Stylish.
Sooo I  bought the artbook for it, as well as one of the Gurren Lagann artbooks. There were 3: one for Yoko, one for Nia, and one for all the dudes. This seems slightly unfair but the whole book was filled with stuff aimed at fangirls, so of course I bought that one. Some pretty great illustrations, including older Simon in a tie and glasses, everyone in ties, Kamina the rocker, etc. etc. Oh, bought an artbook from artists alley too, it's a giant compilation of a bunch of artists. (can you tell I like artbooks?)

ummmm I think that's everything important; all in all it was a lot of fun and I can't wait until next year (and maybe next year I'll actually get to see Ryan and Rei xD). hinking about cosplaying next year too.

ps I'll be in Colorado from Aug. 5th to 15th, don't know if I will change my journal by then, so this is just a heads up if you notice any lack of activity.

One more thing. I'm considering getting a new tablet. My small Graphire 3 still works (as long as I don't install the driver on Vista...), but it's getting old. I'm looking into an Intuos4, but here's the question: should I stick with a small (which I am used to and can use efficiently), or splurge an get a medium (for $100 extra...).

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Woohoo, tomorrow we're heading down to Baltimore to check in at our hotel and pick up our badges =D
This time it's 7 of us to one room so it will be cramped, but that's okay, we'll manage >8C (one of the seven will be n00bgalore, she likes being mentioned)
Then I'm meeting jieyi and GatesuRyu at the con n__n And hopefully TimeEternal but she needs to answer my note xD
Anyone else attending?

in other news, I'm thinking of getting an Intuos4, since my Graphire3 is getting old (and crashed Vista...). Question is, my Graphire is a small, so should I splurge and get a medium? Considering the medium is $100 more? hmmmmmm

also I'm back at work at the family law office, except for now I drive myself some days instead of always carpooling =D Driving to Towson is scary though D:
I spent the last two days typing subpoenas. Guys, you have not fully appreciated Microsoft Word until you've used a typewriter xD; What a pain....
The lawyer two floors up brought her dog in today, what a cutie :heart:

oh and the first or second week of august we're going to Colorado to visit my uncle~
Last visit we traveled north to Wyoming and Montana, I think this time we're going south to the bad lands? Oh well, should be fun =3

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay graduation happened  on the... idk 5th or 6th =D
and I got my driver's license at the end of May
and I went on the senior cruise
and I returned from senior week
and I got a MacBook Pro at UMBC Honors Orientation

Senior cruise is a thing our school holds. We take charter buses up to the inner harbor and board a small ship. It cruises around the harbor while we eat dinner/dance/talk. It was generally not that exciting but still enjoyable!
Senior week I think is more common, but if you still don't know, it's the week between us graduating and the rest of the school being let out. Kids around here all head up to Ocean City and get drunk all week. Since most of our parents are (understandably) not okay with this, our crew went down to Williamsburg since Robin has a time share there. We spent the week going to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, minigolfing, shopping, etc. Chris and Mary played like 3 versions of Resident Evil, and we also watched the whole first season of Dexter, which is awesome, I recommend it.

I got back from that on sunday, and Tuesday we headed to UMBC for Orientation. Considering they haven't recieved my final transcript, my AP scores, or even graded my English test, I don't know why they even tried to schedule stuff. To make matters worse all the art classes I had to take were full. But apparantly that's because they ~reserved~ them for visual arts majors. So I was supposed to add myself to the waiting list, then some woman would approve me. Too bad that woman wasn't available. The next day I get an email and they basically said I need to redo my schedule to the suggested visual arts curriculum. Wow why did I waste and entire day there for nothing :|

BUT WAIT. It wasn't all a waste because I got my new MacBook which is lovely ;u; I still haven't entirely figured out how to work a Mac but I shall learn!!! As soon as my UMBC account is updated, I can print out a coupon, take it to the UMBC bookstore, and I can buy Adobe CS4 for cheap :3 (as well as Microsoft Office)
I'm thinking about using some of my graduation money to buy a new tablet as well. My Graphire3 is getting old, and the new Intuos4 looks awfully pretty...

oh and in continuation from my last journal, we did get a new desktop, and I see why everyone says Vista is awful. IE freezes for no reason (one time I exited the program and it just kept opening the same window faster than I could X them out. Had to just shut the comp down), and what's worse, my tablet driver (MADE for XP) KILLS it.
As in, you install the driver, and the computer will no longer even boot. We had to reinstall EVERYTHING (this was when the computer was only two weeks old :| ). Fortunately the only thing lost was a project for AP Euro that I had decided to do ahead of time to get ~ahead of the game~ (lesson learned: it's best do do things the night before they're due). Vista is also incompatible with this program called Blackboard that hosts all the UMBC placement tests.

but in general life has been good, even if I haven't been active online. I sure wish I could change my mood from something besides anxious though.
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I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I've been scarce for awhile. Due to AP test cramming, the actual AP tests and just other random shit, I've been busy.
Fortunately as of yesterday I've finished my AP tests (all 5 of them :I ).
Unfortunately, our desktop is fried. It came down with some sort of virus. I managed to save all our files to the external hard drive, so thats okay, but even reinstalling the operating system is not helping. Apparantly we don't have all the device drivers or... something? It can't play music, open videos, connect to the internet or even view images.
I'm on the laptop now, but it's a pain in the butt (its always been slow), the only reason I'm on now is I'm trying to send an email.
Basically, I'll be pretty much offline until our desktop problems are solved

Or I get my own laptop for college.
Which brings me to my next point. I will be attending UMBC instead of SCAD, simply because SCAD was not giving enough money while I got an almost full ride to UMBC :P
I was bummed about it but now I'm resigned |:

Irritating that UMBC art students have to get a Mac notebook though.
I hope I can somehow get MSPaint on my Mac ;n;

anyways, see you around, dA :U